1. Comes from the Spanish phrase "Cursillo de Cristianidad" meaning "Short Course in Christianity."
2.  A movement of the church.
See also "De Colores!"

The goal of Cursillo is the goal of the Church:

to bring all to Christ.

Christ can count on me!

The Reunion Group

The Reunion Group, the heart of Cursillo, is a small group of friends (usually 3-5) who meet weekly to engage in the process of developing a deeper faith.  We share our piety, our study, and our apostolic actions as part of this process, which encourages hope and a loving attitude toward God, self, and others.  A highlight of "grouping" is sharing our moments closest to Christ.  Our Reunion Groups foster freedom and confidence to express our views openly, confidentially, and sincerely.  We grow together to love and serve the Lord, bonding with a strong support group for life.  Everyone is encouraged to join or form a Reunion Group, whether they have been on a Cursillo retreat weekend or not.  Your Ultreya Coordinator has copies of the grouping card to give you.

Make a friend.  Be a friend. 

Bring a friend to Christ.


Ultreya is the Spanish word for "onward," or "keep on going."  It symbolizes the encouragement and support we give each other.  Within the Cursillo movement, Ultreya is also the name of an event where we expand our reunion to a wider circle of Christians from our church, parish, and beyond.  We often invite newcomers to attend Ultreya to learn more about Cursillo and the benefits we receive from practicing our Rule of Life.  Ultreya is a joyful "Reunion of Reunions," where friends enjoy fellowship, music, Lay Witness Talks, and special programs that nourish our union in Christ.

Floating Reunion

A core feature of Ultreya that lets us "group" with others outside of our regular Reunion Groups.  The Floating Reunion gives us new perspectives and reminds us that we are all one body in Christ.

Lay Witness Talk

A highlight of many Ultreyas, when one person spends 10 minutes sharing how they are living with Christ, and are trying to bring others to Christ.

To become what God is calling us to be!

4th Day

For many Christians, a 3-day Cursillo retreat is an exciting time of learning and growing in the Spirit.  Some describe it as a "mountaintop experience."  Our real Christian journey takes place, however, on the 4th day - the rest of our lives.  Our Rule of Life, Reunion Groups, and Ultreyas are there to guide and support us on the way.

To do what God is calling us to do!

De Colores!

A Spanish phrase meaning "all in colors," used as a greeting.  We sing De Colores in affectionate tribute to a group of Spanish Catholics who were returning home from a Cursillo weekend when their bus broke down.  Waiting for repairs, the friends played guitars and sang in a farmer's field.  Impressed by God's beautiful creation they sang, "All in colors, all in colors the rainbow is vested across the blue sky…All in colors, and so must all love be of every bright color to make my heart cry."  What do chickens have to do with it?  There were roosters, hens, and chicks in the farmer's fields, of course - and they all have a role in the song.

To see dates for upcoming Cursillo retreat weekends, locations/dates for Utreyas, or to learn more about Cursillo, visit Cursillo in the Diocese of Southern Virginia.