Parish Life

Coffee Hour

Everyone enjoys a hot cup of coffee or tea and a little snack after the 9:00 a.m. Sunday service.  It's a great time to get to know each other better.

Light refreshments are provided each celebration Sunday (the lst Sunday of each month) when we recognize birthdays and anniversaries for the month.

Contact:  Jennie Corrales


The purpose of the Newcomers ministry is to welcome visitors to Hickory Neck Church who may be searching for a church home and to inform visitors of the mission and ministry of Hickory Neck Church, as well as how they can become a part of our church family.

Welcoming newcomers involves many activities, including Sunday Greeters, visitor cards, Newcomers' Welcome Bags, and Sweet Bread Bakes.

Contact:  Lucy Rothnie

Special Events

A large team of volunteers provides refreshments, makes coffee/punch, picks up food at local grocery, does setup and cleanup for special events, such as concerts and funerals on an as-needed basis.

Contact:  Jennie Corrales

Book Club

A group of parishioners who enjoy reading choose a common book and come together to discuss it on a monthly basis.

Contact:  Nancy Byrd

Foyer Groups

Small groups of parishioners enjoy getting to know each other better at informal dinners at members' homes or at local restaurants.

Contact:  Alita Small

Game Nights

Parishioners come together on the first Friday of each month for an evening of fun and fellowship while playing cards (Hand & Foot) and/or board games.

​Contact:  Bert Geddy

Kitchen Assistant

Kitchen assistants provide care for the kitchen in the Wilkinson Center by cleaning out the refrigerator, emptying the dishwasher, washing linens and maintaining general cleanliness.  The commitment is one hour per month.

​Contact:  Linda Wever

Men's Breakfasts

The men of the church gather on the 3rd Saturday morning of each month for a good home cooked breakfast, a speaker program, and some good fellowship.

​Contact:  Ben Manning


Parishioners actively support protecting our environment through recycling reusable products whenever possible.

Contact:  John Greenman

Sexton Team

The sexton team does setup and breakdown tables and chairs in the New Chapel, Narthex, and Wilkinson Center for regular or special meetings/worship services.  They set up easels, podium, audio visual equipment, and flip charts as needed.

Contact:  TBD