Lay Eucharistic Visitors

A Lay Eucharistic Visitor is an individual licensed by the diocese to distribute previously blessed elements of Holy Communion to persons unable to attend regular worship, such as shut-ins or people recovering from illness in hospitals.  The bread and wine they carry act as a symbol of the unity of Christ's Body, which transcends boundaries of time and space, providing a sense of connection to persons who might otherwise feel isolated.  Lay Eucharistic Visitors prove a remarkable extension of a priest's sacerdotal ministry, much in the same way that a parish priest is essentially an extension of the ministry of the Diocesan Bishop.

Sending Forth of Lay Eucharistic Visitors

CELEBRANT:  In the name of God and this congregation, I send you forth bearing these holy gifts, that those to whom you go may share with us in the communion of Christ's Body and Blood.

PEOPLE:  May you carry the prayers of all of us as you take this sacrament of Holy Communion from the altar of Hickory Neck.