Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers process and recess with the priests and acolytes.  They assist the priest during Holy Communion by administering the cup of wine.  They also hold the Gospel for the priest to read. 

One HNC Eucharistic Minister describes the ministry this way:  

"Serving the chalice is for me a wonderful spiritual gift from God.  With each brother or sister in Christ I serve, I feel blessed.  It's an honor to assist the priest and to hold the Gospel as he or she reads the lesson.  This is a "servant ministry" and not to be taken lightly.  There is a deep and splendid meaning in each part of the service.  Some of us serve as Lay Eucharistic Visitors as well; taking the love of Hickory Neck to those who cannot be with us is another precious gift from God in that when we serve in this manner, we receive tenfold.  This is a marvelous way in which to enrich ourselves spiritually and to learn more about the celebration of our faith."