Building Fund

A separate Building Fund was established in 1980 when plans were formalized to build the Parish House, now the Wilkinson Center.  It was felt that funds raised for construction should be held apart from general operating expense money.  There have been several appeals for funds throughout the years which have always been met with overwhelming success.  Additionally, some parishioners have left bequests to Hickory Neck Church, which in most cases, the Vestry has elected to use for our various building programs.

The Wilkinson Center was more than doubled in size in the late 1990s to accommodate our growing parish's needs for education and fellowship space.  Again, in 2003, growth precipitated a need for a larger worship space, and we were fortunate to receive a gift of adjoining land and were able to purchase additional land bringing our over-all campus to twelve acres.  This allowed us to plan and construct the New Chapel consecrated in June 2006.

In each case, the congregation stepped up and provided funding for these projects which was all channeled through our Building Fund.  Prior to the construction of the New Chapel, a Capital Campaign was conducted in October 2004. Funds were pledged over a three year period, beginning in November 2004 and winding up in October 2007.  The Capital Campaign and a bequest raised over $1.2 million toward the construction costs.  This is a true testament to the faith of our parishioners, and their willingness to sacrifice to continue God's work at Hickory Neck Church and in our community.  A check made out to Hickory Neck Episcopal Church with "Building Fund" on the Memo line continues to raise funds for our future dreams.