Foyer Groups

What's a "Foyer?"  you may ask -

Well, Jesus bids us to love one another as He loves us, but until we begin to know one another it is difficult to love one another.  The Foyer program, which evolved with the rebuilding of Coventry Cathedral in England after WWII, is one way to get to know each other better.  Groups chosen at random from among those in the parish who are interested (or for that matter, a friend or neighbor, for they are always welcome) meet monthly in one another's homes for a simple meal and fellowship.

The groups meet for six or seven months, then a new round of Foyer begins, giving a new opportunity to extend Christian friendship.  It's never too late to join–just call the Parish Office and you will be in the mix for food and fellowship.

Not just for couples or a certain age group, the Evening Foyer groups consist of 6-8 people who meet monthly for dinner at one of the homes of the participants for a simple meal and fellowship.  The Foyer Host or Hostess usually provides the main dish and each single or couple contributes a side dish.  The Daytime Foyer groups is usually larger and may meet in a restaurant or someone's home, at the discretion of the hostess.  The Families with Young Children Foyer group usually meets at the church for a family meal and fellowship.