Stewardship involves how we use the gifts God has given us.  Time is perhaps one of the most precious resources we have available, because it is completely non-renewable.  How do you share your time with others in self-giving, life-giving ways?  Perhaps you have a particular gift you could share through one of our many ministries.  Of course, money enters into the equation, too.  Most of our waking hours are devoted to exchanging our time and talent for cash, and without the financial support of all our members, Hickory Neck's mission is suppressed.

At Hickory Neck, we encourage everyone to make a gift of time, talent, and treasure, to support the mission and ministry of our parish.  Every gift is different.  Every gift is treasured.

We hope that people who commit themselves to Christ through the practice of stewardship view this as an opportunity, not as an obligation.  Stewardship provides us with an opportunity to respond to God's love with gratitude.  Giving of yourself is a very liberating experience, because we are creatures created in God's image. (Genesis 1:26-28).  As such, we resemble God in some important ways.  Like God, we have the power of creation, a measure of freedom, and the capacity to enter into loving relationships.  However, what distinguishes God above all else is the fact that God is a great giver.  We, too, are called to give of ourselves to others in myriad ways, so that we can better fulfill our purpose as creatures created in God's image.  The grace God offers is not meant to stop with us.  Instead, our purpose as Christians is to share that grace with others.

Of course, stewardship isn't limited to our relationship with the parish.  Stewardship embraces our entire lives, and our relationship with the entire creation.  Hickory Neck strives to practice responsible stewardship of natural resources.  We recycle paper, glass, plastic, and aluminium.  We also try to communicate on-line or via e-mail as often as possible, in lieu of print publications.  We keep the thermostats high in the summer and low in the winter, especially in areas not under constant use.  We hope that you practice the same responsible stewardship of the environment at home and at work.